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Acharya provides PTE, IELTS and OET coaching services to learners of all ages and proficiencies. All our teachers are highly qualified and experienced professionals whose main goal is not only to help students ace the language test, but also to make them a competent English speaker. We offer classes with flexible timings and payment plans.

Encouragement from the founder

‘Acharya – The True Teacher’ – My story, My Passion

2004, New Delhi, India.
With a crystal clear vision from my formative years in India, my aim of becoming an educator realized soon after graduating Grade 12 in 2004.

I started with tutoring all subjects and eventually found my calling to be French and Mathematics and hence my professional teaching journey started.

I worked with some very professional and ivy league coaching institutes and was successful in opening my own institute in a very short span of time.

Counselling young people and parents/guardians alike became an important part of my daily work and I enjoyed every moment of it – I still do.

Helping students reach their full potential academically and professionally gives me immense satisfaction and sense of fulfillment.

Philosophy of my teaching and as an extension of our institute is to encompass everything needed for growth for an individual including and not limited to academics.

As a University student I continued my passion by researching different learning styles (Auditory, Visual, and Kinesthetic) of the students and implemented my study in designing worksheets/learning plans for each student individually.

Moving countries in 2014, I realized the immense gap in the education and cultural understanding for myself and I was convinced I was not the only one.

With help from various family members and individuals I learnt the new ways which helped me narrow the cultural and educational divide and I was thankful for all the help I got.

My struggles – emotional, physical and financial were no different to anyone else but I had good support system which helped me and I pledged to become a support system for as many individuals as I can.

I continued to learn and make myself worthy to be able to help the community in any way I could.

During my Cert3 in Education support, I got an opportunity to do my internship at ‘Camberwell Grammar School’ (CGS) which I am glad to say was one of the best things to have ever happened. I am presently employed by CGS which has enhanced my professional journey even further.

As a part of my journey of making Australia my home I realized how so many people were finding it difficult to navigate the Language pathway which prompted me to first hand to undertake the ‘PTE’ exam – for which I studied and took some help professionally from various institutes to understand the pattern and gave the exam for the first time.

Perfect score is what I got, which gave me the confidence to start my own institute to help empower other individuals reach their desired goals.

I endeavour to keep updating myself with the latest techniques in teaching and counselling and I will keep doing what I can to help as many people as I can.

Kanika Arora


Acharya – The True Teacher

I attended the free PTE session by Acharya's Kanika mam and had some quick pointers for my exam and got the required score. I really appreciate her teaching and help and would recommend her classes.
Sri Ranga Anudeep
One of the best teachers surely for PTE She is structured with concrete content that can get best out of student Surely recommend her.
Griva Parekh
I am glad that I attended the PTE master class in ‘Acharya’ which is located in a heart of Melbourne. Kanika’s presentation brought new insights, valuable tips and strategies which will definitely turn into fruitful results. I’ll plan to implement those strategies in my upcoming exam. Also, I appreciate the time she gave on each and every PTE tasks with practice questions. On top of this, Kanika did emphasis on the tasks where I was lacking on and corrected it. Moreover, Kanika is very skilled, humble and nice person who wants to help students to achieve their desired scores. Thank you very much ‘Team Acharya’.
Vijayendra Kshirsagar
I guess this is one of the best day of my life in australia. I want to start this by saying thank you to wonderful tutor named Kanika. You are the only person who made me sit and calm me down and told me that you can score it. Before I say anything more, I would like to tell anyone who is reading this review that I was supposed to apply for my work visa and my ielts score was expired and I had just 1 week to score and gather more points if I ever plan to stay in Australia. Believe me, from the first day itself Kanika believed in me and after taking a sample test, she made me focus on improving the weakest part... I am blessed to catch the right person at right time. Give this Talented Kanika just one shot and you can thanks me later.
Manav Kukreja
I attended a 4 hour session conducted by Kanika Mam on PTE. This session helped me understand the overall structure of exam and provided me with some valuable tips and insights on how some of the tricky questions can be approached. Though I prepared for all types of questions, I did not get time to take any mock tests due to work and travel. So my first attempt of PTE was the real test without any mock. At the end of the test; I felt I would probably score less in Speaking; but I managed to get my desired overall score of 79+ in each section.
Nikhilesh Potdukhe